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Privacy policy

in which we inform you, as a visitor of our website and user of our services, about our company’s data management and data protection rules.

1. What basic principles do we follow in our data management?

Our company follows the following basic principles in its data management:
  • personal data is handled legally and fairly, as well as transparently for you.
  • personal data are only collected for a specific, clear and legitimate purpose and they are not processed in a manner incompatible with the purposes.
  • the personal data we collect and manage are appropriate and relevant for the purposes of data management, and are limited to what is necessary.
  • Our company takes all reasonable measures to ensure that the data we handle are accurate and, if necessary, up-to-date, and we delete or correct inaccurate personal data immediately.
  • personal data is stored in such a way that you can only be identified for the time necessary to achieve the goals of personal data management.
  • by applying appropriate technical and organizational measures, we ensure adequate security of personal data against unauthorized or illegal processing, accidental loss, destruction or damage.
  • Our company your personal data
  • based on your prior informed and voluntary consent and only to the extent necessary and in all cases subject to purpose, i.e. we collect, record, organize, store and use them.
  • in some cases, the processing of your data is based on legal regulations and is mandatory, in such cases we draw your attention to this fact.
  • and in some cases, our Company or a third party has a legitimate interest in the management of your personal data, for example the operation, development and security of our website.

2. Who are we?

Business Name iTruck Solutions Kft.
Headquarters 1044 Budapest, Ipari Park u. 10.
Postal address 1044 Budapest, Ipari Park u. 10.
Email address
Tax number 23687404-2-41
Register number 01 09 973522
Based on Article 37 of the GDPR, our company is not obliged to appoint a data protection officer

Our company’s hosting provider:

Name of hosting provider Websupport Magyarország Kft.
Location of hosting provider Victor Hugo u. 18-22.
Website of hosting provider
Email address of hosting provider
In order to provide high-quality service to our customers, our company uses the following data processors when handling data:
Data Manager Title Responsibilities
WPViking Kft. 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Kösialja u. 16. All Activities
If we change the scope of our data processors, we will introduce the changes in this information. The data we manage:
Name of activity and purpose of data management Legal Basis Managed data Duration
Visit website The aim is to ensure the proper and high-quality operation of the website, to check and improve the quality of our services, to identify malicious visitors who attack our website, to measure attendance, statistical purposes Legitimate interest of our company IP address, the time of the visit, the data of the subpages visited, the operating system used by you, device and browser type 1 month
Register on the website The goal is to provide our visitors with a more complete user experience, notification of business interruptions, changes in the availability of our company, etc. contribution last name, first name date of birth (to prove 16 or 18 years of age) email address until cancellation of registration or withdrawal of consent
Newsletter service Purpose: to keep in touch, to inform you about new sales and our new products contribution full name, date of birth (to prove 16 or 18 years of age) e-mail address Other, optional data, e.g. area of ​​interest, place of residence, etc. until you unsubscribe from the newsletter
Direct marketing service based on the analysis of your customer habits, we prepare and send personalized offers, we contact you for business purposes, and we send information about the products and services we sell. contribution full name, date of birth (to prove 16 or 18 years of age) e-mail address, phone number (optional) Other, optional data, e.g. area of ​​interest, place of residence, etc from direct marketing service to unsubscribe
Administration, complaint responding to comments and complaints legal obligation full name e-mail address telephone number mailing address other personal message 5 years
We only ask our website visitors for their personal data if they want to register, log in, or participate in a prize draw. We cannot connect the personal data provided in connection with registration or the use of our marketing services, and the identification of our visitors is basically not our goal. If you have questions about data management, you can request further information by e-mail or by post at

3. What are cookies and how do we manage them?

Cookies are small data files (hereinafter referred to as “cookies”) that are transferred to your computer through the use of the website, saved and stored by your Internet browser. The majority of the most commonly used internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) accept and enable the download and use of cookies as a default setting, but it depends on you whether you refuse or disable them by changing your browser settings, or you also the cookies already stored on your computer can delete it. The “help” menu item of each browser provides more information on the use of cookies. There are cookies that do not require your prior consent. Our website provides brief information about these at the start of your first visit, such as authentication, multimedia player, load balancer, session cookies helping to customize the user interface, and user-centric security cookies. Our Company will inform you about cookies that require consent – if data management already starts when you visit the page – at the start of the first visit and we ask for your consent. Our company does not use or allow cookies that allow third parties to collect data without your consent. Acceptance of cookies is not mandatory, however, our Company does not assume responsibility if our website does not function as expected if cookies are not allowed.

What cookies do we use?

Name Service Provider Target Expiration Type
_ga Register the unique identifier that generates statistical data about how the visitor uses the website. 2 years HTTP
_gat Used by Google Analytics, it stores the ratio according to throttle request. Session HTTP
_gid Register the unique identifier that generates statistical data about how the visitor uses the website. Session HTTP
_fbp Used by Facebook to provide advertising products for a third party (eg real-time ads) 3 months HTTP
fr Facebook uses this cookie to offer a range of advertising products (such as real-time bidding from third-party advertisers) 3 months HTTP
You can read more about third-party cookies here hl=hu you can read.

4. What else you need to know about our data management in relation to our website

You voluntarily provide us with your personal data during registration and contact with our Company, which is why we ask that you gradually ensure that your data is truthful, correct and accurate, because you are responsible for them. Incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete data can be an obstacle to the use of our services. If you do not provide your own personal data, but someone else’s, we assume that you have the necessary authorization. You can withdraw your consent to data management at any time free of charge
  • by canceling the registration,
  • by withdrawing consent to data management, or
  • by withdrawing or requesting the blocking of consent to the management or use of any data that must be filled in during registration.
For technical reasons, we undertake the registration of the withdrawal of consent within a deadline of 30 days, however, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that in order to fulfill our legal obligations or enforce our legitimate interests, we may process certain data even after the withdrawal of consent. In the event of the use of misleading personal data, or if one of our visitors commits a crime or attacks our Company’s system, we will immediately delete the data of that visitor at the same time as canceling their registration, and – if necessary – we will keep them for the duration of the establishment of civil liability or the conduct of criminal proceedings.

5. What do you need to know about our data processing for direct marketing and newsletter purposes?

You can give your consent for us to use your personal data for marketing purposes by making a statement during registration or later, by modifying your personal data stored on the newsletter and/or direct marketing registration interface (i.e. by clearly stating your intention to consent). In this case – until you withdraw your consent – we will also process your data for the purpose of direct marketing and/or sending newsletters and we will send you advertising and other mailings as well as information and offers and/or forward newsletters (Grtv. § 6). You can give your consent to direct marketing and the newsletter together or separately, and you can withdraw it/them free of charge and at any time. Cancellation of registration is always considered a withdrawal of consent. Withdrawal of consent to data management for direct marketing and/or newsletter purposes is not interpreted as withdrawal of consent to data management related to our website. How is this? What and on what basis do we keep it if the newsletter consent has been withdrawn? In the case of contributions, each contribution is for a specific purpose, so registering tomorrow and signing up for the newsletter are two separate purposes, two separate databases, the two cannot be related. For technical reasons, we undertake the registration of the withdrawal or cancellation of individual consents within a deadline of 15 days.

6. What do you need to know about sweepstakes?

Our company can organize prize games with a campaign character, the specific conditions of which are contained in a separate regulation. The rules of the current campaign can always be found on the opening page of our website, in a centrally located link.

7. Other data management issues

Your data can only be forwarded within the framework defined by law, and in the case of our data processors, we ensure by stipulating contractual conditions that they cannot use your personal data for purposes contrary to your consent. Further information can be found in point 2. Our company does not transfer data abroad. Courts, prosecutors and other authorities (e.g. police, tax office, National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority) may contact our Company to provide information, provide data or make documents available. In these cases, we must fulfill our obligation to provide data, but only to the extent that is absolutely necessary to achieve the purpose of the request. Our company’s contributors and employees involved in data management and/or data processing are entitled to access your personal data to a predetermined extent – under the burden of confidentiality. We protect your personal data with appropriate technical and other measures, as well as ensure the security and availability of the data, as well as protect them from unauthorized access, alteration, damage, disclosure and any other unauthorized use. As part of organizational measures, we check physical access in our buildings, we continuously educate our employees and keep paper-based documents locked away with appropriate protection. As part of the technical measures, we use encryption, password protection and anti-virus software. However, we draw your attention to the fact that data transmission via the Internet cannot be considered a fully secure data transmission. Our company does everything in order to make the processes as safe as possible, however, we cannot assume full responsibility for data transmission through our website, but we adhere to strict regulations regarding the data received by our company in order to protect your data and prevent illegal access. Regarding security issues, we ask for your help in carefully keeping your existing access password to our website and not sharing this password with anyone.

8. What are your rights and remedies?

You about data management
  • you can request information,
  • you can request the correction, modification or addition of your personal data managed by us,
  • you can object to data processing and request the deletion and blocking of your data (with the exception of mandatory data processing),
  • you can take legal action before the court,
  • You can file a complaint with the supervisory authority or initiate a procedure ( ).
Supervisory Authority: National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority
  • Headquarters: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.
  • Mailing address: 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5.
  • Phone: +36 (1) 391-1400
  • Fax: +36 (1) 391-1410
  • E-mail:
Website: Upon your request, we provide information about the data you manage or process by us – or by our commissioned data processor
  • about your data,
  • about their source,
  • on the purpose and legal basis of data management,
  • on its duration, and if this is not possible, on the aspects of determining this duration,
  • about the name and address of our data processors and their activities related to data management,
  • about the circumstances and effects of data protection incidents and the measures we have taken to avoid and prevent them, and
  • in the case of forwarding your personal data, about the legal basis and recipient of the data transfer.
We will provide our information within 15 days (but no later than 1 month) of submitting the application. The information is free of charge, unless you have already submitted an information request to us for the same data area in the current year. The reimbursement you have already paid will be refunded in the event that the data was handled unlawfully or the request for information led to a correction. Information can only be refused in cases provided for by law by specifying the legal place, as well as by providing information about the possibility of legal remedies in court or the possibility of turning to the Authority. Our company will notify you, as well as all those to whom it previously forwarded the data for the purpose of data management, of the correction, blocking, marking and deletion of personal data, unless the failure to notify does not harm your legitimate interests. If we do not comply with your request for correction, blocking or deletion, within 15 days (but no later than 1 month) after receiving the request, we will inform you in writing or – with your consent – electronically, of the reasons for our refusal and inform you of the legal remedy in court, as well as the appeal to the Authority about the possibility. If you object to the processing of your personal data, we will examine the objection within 15 days of submitting the request (but no later than 1 month) and inform you of our decision.we will inform you in writing. If we have decided that your protest is well-founded, in that case we will terminate the data management – including further data collection and data transmission – and block the data, as well as notify all those to whom the protest was made about the protest and the measures taken based on it. affected personal data was previously transmitted, and who are obliged to take measures to enforce the right to protest. We will refuse to comply with the request if we prove that the data processing is justified by compelling legitimate reasons that take precedence over your interests, rights and freedoms, or that are related to the presentation, enforcement or defense of legal claims. If you do not agree with our decision, or if we miss the deadline, you can go to court within 30 days from the notification of the decision or the last day of the deadline. Adjudication of data protection lawsuits falls under the jurisdiction of the court, the lawsuit can be initiated – at the choice of the data subject – before the court of the residence or place of residence of the data subject. A foreign citizen can also file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority according to his place of residence. We ask you to contact our company before contacting the supervisory authority or court with your complaint – in order to negotiate and solve the problem as quickly as possible.

9. What are the main governing laws for our activities?

  • Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the processing of personal data of natural persons (GDPR)
  • Bill CXII of 2011 on the right to information self-determination and freedom of information
  • Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code (Ptk.)
  • Bill CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commercial services and services related to the information society
  • Bill C of 2003 on electronic communications
  • Bill CLV of 1997 on consumer protection
  • Bill CLXV of 2013 on complaints and notifications of public interest
Bill XLVIII of 2008 on the basic conditions and certain limitations of economic advertising activity

10. Modification of data management information

Our company reserves the right to amend this Data Management Information, of which it will inform the affected parties in an appropriate manner. Information related to data management is published on the website.
Budapest, 2024.06.25.


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