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Pedestrian and collision protection system of forklift trucks

Does the issue sound familiar?

Although pedestrians are protected by countless regulations in hazardous plants (for example, the traffic of forklifts moving between scaffolding systems must be separated from the pedestrians’), there are locations where people and lifting machines share a common space. In this case, there is a risk of a collision accident.

It also causes a serious issue if there is a collision with another forklift, instead of a person. In such cases, it happens that in addition to the forklift, the environment or the cargo is damaged, and in addition to the tangible loss, indirect effects can also have a great impact (e.g. forced stoppage, delay, fines, etc.).

Pedestrian protection of forklift trucks

We have got a solution!

The radio frequency sensors of our system help to identify pedestrians and forklifts, so your employees can work safely in spaces also used by forklifts. The RF units on the truck and the pedestrian detect each other and start to sound an alarm at the predetermined distance. In addition to truck-pedestrian encounters, the system also warns about forklift-forklift collisions. Light signal, sound signal and vibration help to recognise dangers in time.

With the same purpose, a laser light that can be installed on vehicles, which projects a laser warning strip around the machine, in the direct 1-2 meter proximity of the forklift (“laser skirt”). Thus, when the forklift is approaching, pedestrians notice the light in time, and thus can approach the machine’s surroundings more carefully.

Modern camera systems and image recognition algorithms also help to avoid collisions. At companies where it is mandatory to wear a reflective safety vest, our installed camera system can recognize the light reflected from a nearby pedestrian and immediately start an alarm, so an accident can be avoided. p>

All three solutions help to reduce the number of collision accidents, which can result in personal injury and cause both direct and indirect material damage.


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