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With our solutions you can get full control over your forklift truck fleet or other industrial material handling machines, thus improve work safety, increase efficiency and the lifetime of your equipment. Our devices can be fitted to all types and years of production, so you can manage your fleet uniformly and efficiently.

Below you may view our intelligent solutions, which we can optimise according to the needs of your company, if necessary.

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Driver access card

Forklift trucks can be started with a personal card instead of a key, so only authorised staff will be able to use the vehicles.

Collision sensor

The system records the time of each collision, the name of the operator, and the direction and magnitude of the collision. Nevertheless, the system can block further progress and send a notification about the event, if needed.

Pre-operational digital check system

You can set up a unique set of questions even for all individual forklift's mandatory on-shift inspection, and the operator can give a simple "yes/no" answers on the on-board device, which will be logged by the system.
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Fleet management system

Our system can be installed on all forklift trucks, regardless of brand, and the data can be accessed online from anywhere, so you can easily optimise your fleet’s operations.

Battery monitoring

With our solutions you can not only track the most important pieces of information (was full charge reached, what charge percentage used, etc.). You can get an idea of the driving style of different operators.

Speed limit zone system

With our solution, you can create speed zones and even set an individual maximum speed for each vehicle within different zones, which the driver cannot exceed even if they want to.

Pedestrian protection system

With our solution you can help increasing the safety of workers and visitors on foot and reduce the risk of accidents.

Positioning of a forklift truck outdoors and indoors

The TruckLOG system can be supplemented with GPS or RTLS-based technology, that can track the position of forklift trucks both indoors and outdoors, and so that events can be viewed both on the map and the factory's floor plan.

WiFi camera system

The front and rear-facing, event-recording camera stores images in the cloud (for a predefined period of time), so it can help establishing liability in the event of damage or other disputes. Wireless cameras for forklift navigation transmit images to a monitor in the cab, helping the operator to drive in hard-to-see areas.

Unique forklift soilutions

As a system integrator for forklifts, we offer modern technologies, tailored to your business, to increase both efficiency and safety. Can we help? Tell us about the challenges you face and we will help you find a solution!


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