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Driver access cards

Is this issue familiar?

A frequently recurring problem for companies is that forklifts are driven by unauthorised, unlicensed persons. When operators leave the keys in the truck, they also commit serious work safety violations.

We have got a solution!

Regulating and controlling access to machines makes the work of responsible managers easier. With our brand-independent solution, forklift trucks can only be started with personalised cards, which replace the start keys. Each operator receives a card storing their own authorizations and the validity period of the license so that they can switch on and use their forklift.

iTruck driver access cards

The structure and operation of the Driver Access Card system for forklifts

TK5 on-board device

A colour touchscreen device with a card reader is installed on the forklift.

Unique, personalised card

Operators can turn on the forklift with a unique, personalised card (in certain cases, the company access card can also be used).

Individual permissions

Permissions can be set in a personal level or by types of forklifts.

A system independent of brands

The solution is brand-independent, so it can be installed on any make or type of forklift from any year.

Safe use of machinery

The truck can only be started with a card, and it switches off automatically after a specified idle time (e.g. 5 minutes).

Also as a standalone solution

The system is avaliable as a part of TruckLOG fleet management system for forklift trucks as well as an individual solution.


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