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Speed limit zone system for forklift trucks

Is the issue familiar?

It might be necessary to have multiple speed limits in place within your company’s territory at the same time, for example it might be needed to differentiate slow zones (e.g. indoors with intensive pedestrian traffic) and fast zones (e.g. traffic on the yard).

We have got a solution!

The speed limit zone system automatically sets the maximum permissible speed of the forklift when entering and leaving the zones defined by you.

In addition to the application of the most common outdoor-indoor speed limits, an additional area of use may be the banning forklifts from certain places, i.e. preventing their entry (e.g. areas closed to forklift traffic, warehouse with danger of explosion, etc.), or slowing down trucks near areas with risk of accident (e.g. difficult-to-see intersections, locations frequently visited by pedestrians).

Speed limit zone system for forklift trucks

About the system in a nutshell


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