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Forklift WIFI camera system

Is the problem familiar?

In the case accidents of smaller and lesser degree, the question of responsibility arises most often, and the objective assessment is difficult as usually apart from the participants, no one else is present when the damage event occurs. Of course, vis majeure can also occur, but sometimes it is the most difficult to prove, since it is possible that the operator of the forklift truck was alone at the time of the inevitable event. Even with the best intentions, it is a common problem that the operator has to perform well and work safely in a place that is difficult to see through (e.g. loading at a height or transporting with a limited field of view, covered by sizable goods).

We have got a solution

The implementation of our forklift WIFI camera system ensures full control over material handling machines and processes. In addition to ensuring individual responsibility, it helps to reduce the number of collisions and causing damages, furthermore it provides visual support for uncovering controversial or events that were invisible so far.

iTruck forklift WIFI camera system

About the system in a nutshell


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