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Collision sensors for forklift trucks

Does this problem sound familiar?

“Trouble and harm are never owned!” “It’s hard to hold careless and uncaring machine operators accountable!” “Collisions and damages caused by forklifts are regular, and repairing the damage is extremely expensive!” – According to European statistics every one unit of damage caused to a forklift causes nine other units of damage to the environment!

We have got a solution!

A built-in sensor is sensing collisions caused by or happened to a forklift truck and logs the events along with the data of operators. Based on the strength of the collisions, you can create “low”, “medium” and “strong” categories. In case of a strong collision the system blocks the operation of the truck (if required), and after a pre-set delay time, the truck taken out of service, and can only be restarted with a card having appropriate authorization.

Collision sensor for forklift trucks

Structure and operation of the collision detection system for forklift trucks


The acceleration sensor located on the forklift detects the forces impacting the forklift from three directions: up-down, forward-backward, and sideways.

Operator recognition

The forklift can only be used with a unique, personalised card, so the logged collision data is linked to a person.


When a strong collision is detected, the truck can be slowed down, switched off or taken out of service. In this case, only an authorised driver can unlock the blocked machine.

Adjustable limits

The "weak-medium-strong" collision limits can be adjusted in each direction, so the alarm thresholds can be adapted to the operating environment.


The system immediately sends out an e-mail or SMS notification about an impact of force on the machine or a collision.

Reports and summaries

Logged data can be retrieved, while in the case of an online system, they can be analysed as summary reports on the software interface.

A system independent from brands

The solution is not dependent on brands, thus it can be installed on any make and type of forklift trucks from any year.


The location of the collision can be determined both by zone-based and GPS-based positioning.

Also as a standalone solution

The system is available as part of the TruckLOG fleet management system for forklift trucks, as well as a standalone solution.

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