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TruckLOG Forklift Fleet Management System

Keep your company’s material handling under control. With our fleet management system you can operate your forklift trucks efficiently, cost consciously and safely.

By analysing the data taken from the system, you can continuously increase the efficiency of internal logistics and optimise your existing processes. By using TruckLOG, problems derived from unauthorised use of machines are eliminated, the number of collisions is reduced, the measure of damages caused by trucks is decreased, operating costs can be lowered, both vehicles and their operators can be tracked, and your company can comply with the safety regulations required by law.

TruckLOG fleet management

Elements of the system

TK5 on-board device

The colour touchscreen terminal installed on the forklift records and transmits operating data and displays system messages for the driver.

Communication network

The collected data is transmitted to the server via the system's own Coordinator-Router wireless network or via GSM network.

EVO software

Within the EVO software, which is available on the web interface, standard analyses and reports help managing the forklift fleet.

Functions and key benefits of the system

Driver access card and identification of operators

After installing the system, the forklifts can only be started and used with a personal identification card, the factory ignition key is no longer required. Each operator, operational team leader and service engineer has a unique card (Operator, Manager and Engineer identification cards) to which you can assign individual authorisations and validity periods.

iTruck driver access cards

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Pre-operational digital check system

Digital pre-operational checklist

Before starting the truck,the mandatory shift checklistis displayed on the the on-board device: the operator can only start the vehicle after answering yes/no questions (e.g. “Is there an oil leak?”). The system records the answers; after a perfect condition assessment, it enables the truck to be started, but if an error is detected, it displays a warning message to the operator and sends an e-mail notification about the deficiencies, while it blocks the use of the truck and switches the machine off, when a serious error is detected.

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Collision detection and blocking

The G sensor of acceleration installed on the forklift detects forces impacting the forklift in three directions (up-down, forward-backward, sideways). Collisions caused with or happening to the forklift truck, are continuously logged by the system (date, time, operator’s name, collision direction, its strength, location) and, if required, an email notification is also sent to the managers in charge. In case of a strong collision, the system blocks the operation of the forklift (e.g. activates a slow “crawl mode” for the machine) and takes the forklift out of service, and that can only be unlocked with a properly authorised card.

Forklift collision sensor

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TruckLOG out of service

Idle and out-of-service status management

If the operator does not use the forklift (it does not move or lift), after a predetermined time limit of inactivity the system turns off the vehicle. Furthermore, in critical situations, the truck can also be taken out of operation. Among other features, it can be set that the truck will be unavailable after a strong collision, when a serious technical deficiency is detected, for safety and any other reasons. The system logs the time spent out of service and can only be unlocked by an authorised employee’s Manager card.

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Recording usage data

The system individually measures the duration of the ‘switched on’ and the ‘in use’ (lifting or moving) status for each forklift, and also logs this login data linked to the operator. The collected data is transmitted via the communication network and stored on the central server, which you can access via the EVO web application.
In addition to the operational data above, the system can also be supplemented with additional status measurement options (e.g. measurement of empty/loaded state), as required. .

Logging usage data

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Maintenance management

Maintenance management, motor hours measuring

After setting the current motor hours value recorded during installation, the system continuously measures the operating hours of the machine. This function ensures the timely indication of events linked with operating hours (for example, when a mandatory service is due). As the expiration date approaches, the system displays a message on the display (e.g. “1,500-hour service due”) and sends a notification (email, SMS) to the manager in charge and the mainenance provider . Depending on the setting, the truck can even be put out of service until the necessary maintenance tasks are carried out.

In addition to events linked to operating hours, the system includes events linked to date< /strong> can also be specified (for example, the dates of structural and key inspections). After performing periodic safety checks, a new time can be set either with an Engineer card on the on-board device or remotely via the online EVO software.

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Sending messages, automated notifications

The system makes it possible to respond quickly with two-way, real-time messaging: a freely editable text message can be sent from the EVO software to the truck (the message is displayed on the selected truck) or to the operator (the message is displayed on the forklift truck driven by the operator), and the operator can acknowledge the message using the touch screen. (For example: “Bring the forklift to plant 1!” or “Report to the shift manager!”)

For certain events, a pre-set automatic notification – email or SMS – can also be sent to the employees (e.g. shift managers, lifting machine administrators, technicians). A frequently used function is sending a notification to the manager and the shift leader in case of a strong collision, or sending an email to the maintenance provider 30 hours before maintenance is due.

TruckLOG automatic notification

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TruckLog analysis, report

Analyses, reports

From the data measured and logged by the system, standard analyses and reports help you to analyse the material handling efficiency of your company (e.g. forklift truck and operator utilisation, number of collisions split by forklifts and operators, shift check per forklift, type of errors ). The reports are available in both individual and aggregated form and can be printed, whilst data can be exported as an Excel file (.xlsx) for further use.

Why we recommend it to you…

  • It presents the measured data and events to the responsible manager quickly, in a clear and comprehensible form and in real time.
  • Online access to information enables timely intervention and can serve as a starting point for increasing efficiency.
  • Standard reports within the organisation are easy to share and to be communicated.

Extra services


The optionally available speed limit zone system automatically sets the maximum permissible speed of the truck when entering and exiting the zones you define. In addition to the most frequently used outdoor-indoor zones, other areas of use can be the banning of machines from certain areas, preventing their entry (e.g. areas closed to forklift traffic, potentially explosive warehouses, etc.).


Using the optional GPS module, the work of the forklift and its operator can also be tracked on a map, helping to coordinate the work. The map shows the forklift truck’s current position, its previously travelled path and the locations of collisions. In the case of lightweight structured and less covered buildings, the GPS signal can often be received indoors, so the movement inside the building can also be tracked.


The battery management system, which is available as an extra, provides information about which battery was used in which truck and by which operator, to what percentage of charge it was used, whether it was charged to 100%, what was the highest current consumption, how much power was consumed during use, and how many charge cycles has passed for the battery. You can view all of these in as analytical and summary reports.


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