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Pre-operational digital check system for forklift trucks

Does this issue sound familiar?

Both manufacturers’ recommendations and the current Hungarian law require the pre-shift inspection of forklift trucks and the use of a logbook for lifting machines. This is obligatory and indispensable for safe operation. Missing checking and its documentation leads to a fine from work-protection authorities, meaning a material loss as well as a loss of reputation.

We have got a solution!

Before starting the truck,the mandatory shift checklistis displayed on the touch screen of the on-board device installed on the truck: the operator can only start the vehicle after answering yes/no questions (e.g. “Is there an oil leak?”). The system records the answers; after a perfect condition assessment, it enables the truck to be started, but if an error is detected, it displays a warning message to the operator and sends an e-mail notification about the deficiencies, while it blocks the use of the truck and switches the machine off, when a serious error is detected.

Pre-operational digital check system

The structure and operation of the digital lifting machine log system

On-board device with touch screen

A TK5 on-board system with card reader and colour touchscreen is being installed on the forklift truck.

Unique personalised card

Operatorss can start using the forklift with a unique, personalised card. The answer given are linked with names.

Editable set of questions

The list of yes/no questions on the screen that assesses the technical condition of the machine, can be edited freely and customised for each truck.


If the operator indicates an error on a question concerning a serious malfunction, the system does not allow the truck to be used and the machine is being switched off.

Digital archive

The system stores the details of all performed shift checks (questions, answers, time, operator's name). Logged data can be retrieved at any time in PDF format.


The system sends out an e-mail or an SMS notification about an error detected by the operator.

Reports and summaries

Logged errors can be retrieved by machine and machine type, and can be analysed as summary reports on the online software interface.

A system independent of brands

The solution is not dependent on brands, thus it can be installed on any make and type of forklift trucks from any year.

Also as individual solution

The system is available as part of the TruckLOG fleet management system for forklift trucks, as well as a standalone solution.

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