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Glossary > PIN CODE vs. SMART CARD

One of the permanent problems of companies using trucks is the management of ignition keys. One of the most common mistakes is to leave the key in the truck, which allows unruly and unauthorized use. Additional issues may arise from the loss of the key, or if someone accidentally takes it home, etc.
The most common possible solutions are PIN-coded or Smart card access control.

PIN code system

Entering a unique code is a solution to the loss or absence of the key. The advantage is that the operator does not have to carry anything to turn on the machines. However, it often happens that the code is given to others or unauthorised people find out about it, so more and more people can use the truck, thus the PIN code loses its unique identification function.

Deleting the leaked codes and generating a new code is time-consuming, as it must be done on all affected trucks.

Smart card system

All operators in the system have their own cards. The card must only be used for touch, so it always remains with the operator. If the card is lost, it can be blocked centrally in the system, thus preventing unauthorized use. Various authorisations and validity periods can be set for the card, ensuring personalized use. Several trucks can be driven with a single card. The disadvantage is that the card can be damaged or, similarly to the key, lost.

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