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Frequent problems of forklift operation

Problems of forklift operation

Forklift operation comes with plenty of difficulties for most of the companies.

The vast majority of the challenges can be overcome by applying modern technologies and innovative solutions available today, such as the TruckLOG forklift fleet management system.

The most common challenges associated with using forklift trucks:

Damages caused by forklift operators

Irresponsible and careless handling and improper use cause significant damage to the company. They cause direct material damage to trucks, machines, buildings, goods, and can also cause indirect damage, e.g. with loss of production, delayed delivery date, obligation to pay penalties.

Lack of individual responsibility and accountability

The accountability and liability of irresponsible machine operators and the ones causing damage has not been resolved. As a result, there is a lack of individual responsibility of forklift truck operators (both in a negative and positive direction), and the their attention and care are inadequate.

Low utilisation of machines and operator efficiency

With the lack of factual data, the actual utilisation of the forklift trucks cannot be established, the material handling performance (machine and labor) of individual shifts, production sites, warehouses and other areas is not transparent, and comparability is also missing. The management does not have information to systematically increase efficiency.

Fight for resources to procure new machinery

Making decisions without factual data, based on theoretical knowledge, on feelings and opinions, when expanding a forklift truck fleet. Over-planning of capacities is common, which imposes unjustified additional economical burdens on the company.

Difficulties of maintenance

Mandatory maintenance is often delayed or missed. Due to the difficult monitoring and recording of operating hours, maintenance is not carried out at sensible times based on operating hours (rather at fixed dates of the calendar), which causes unjustified additional costs. The registration of operating hours and related events is not resolved, and it is difficult to measure service availability.

Compliance with safety regulations

Compliance with safety standards, required by regulators and the company, is not resolved. It is common that operators do not complete mandatory shift checks, or unlicensed and untrained operators drive the trucks. These raise serious legal, liability and occupational safety issues.

High operational and maintenance costs

All in all, material handling costs are high due to low utilization, damage caused by operators, and inadequate maintenance.

The majority of companies operating forklift truck fleets solve their problems by introducing a Forklift Management and Information System.

Tekintse meg, hogyan tudja biztonságosabbá, hatékonyabbá és gazdaságosabbá tenni működését a TruckLOG targonca flottamenedzsment rendszer alkalmazásával.

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